Empowered Women

Text by Sarah Armendariz, Owner & Designer of Cosima Photography by Lauren Carter, Model Tiffany Williams   Dressing for a New Dawn From our flowing fabrics and fitted waists, to softly bright colors and patterns, Cosima's collections are undeniably feminine. We want every woman who wears Cosima to feel like a goddess! We also want her to feel strong, powerful and very much like herself in our clothes. What does it mean to express femininity in the way we dress today? What is our new dress code for a time that's ripe and full with new possibilities for women? I think it's time we dress for ourselves more than for anyone else, charting our own rules for what kinds of...

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Art Meets Fashion

When the bold brushstrokes of an artist are transformed into a fashion collection, something amazing happens. At the heart of any piece of art - a painting, a performance, a piece of music - is the way it makes us feel.

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