Inspired by a lineage of women artists + designers, Cosima translates artwork into signature collections for living your own colorful story. Every print we use began as a piece of art created by our real-life family of fine artists.

Creative Director, Sarah Armendariz, built the design aesthetic of Cosima around the family legacy handed down by generations of strong, resourceful and creative women. Recalling memories of her childhood on her family’s ranch and the beloved Texas border towns where she grew up, her unique design perspective draws on these elements as well as the artistic and cultural diversity of her college town, Austin, and the West Coast ease of sunny Southern California, where she lives with her husband and three sons. Her design background in active wear helped shape Cosima's focus on fit and function, which you'll find in all of our pieces.

Read on to discover the inspiration behind Cosima’s spirited prints and colors.

The Music Print is painted by Mama Cosima and artist, Patsy Sasek. This abstract watercolor is meant to recall the landscapes of the American Southwest where artists like Georgia O'Keeffe wandered. The brushstrokes of washed color are reminiscent of the deserts hues at sunset.

Our Desert Bloom print is a joyous celebration of spring, with its dramatic blooms and colors that hint at the nostalgia of westernwear prints of the 1970s.

Cosima Cosmos Print

“When Sarah visited San Antonio while she was developing Cosima, she liked a watercolor painting I did many years ago while I was on a retreat at a place called Lebh Shomea in South Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico. I was inspired by the silence of this beautiful oasis surrounded by a vast coastal wilderness.

My little painting “Cosmos” is a rendition of gazing at the stars, planets, Milky Way—the creation that continues to unfold, and the mystery of beauty and love in all places.

I hope you will enjoy our collaboration.”

-EDWIN SASEK, Sarah's stepfather

Cosima Viva Print

“When my daughter, Sarah, asked me to design a print for her collection, I was honored and excited. I chose to do a block print, because it would create an earthy counterpoint to the boundless quality of my husband, Edwin’s “Cosmos” painting (also used in the SS18 collection).

I designed and cut the block to spell out the word “Viva”, which translates to “Long Live!” For Sarah and me, Viva is a one-word manifestation of the exuberance, strength, and love of life that has carried our family along its path.

¡Viva Cosima!”

-PATSY SASEK, Sarah's mother (aka "Mama Cosima")